Jaime & Brittney met in 2001 in Miss McDermott's classroom at Ashburn Elementary. They quickly became best friends, going to after school acticity together, gymnastics classes, and weekly sleepovers. Over the years, their friendship continued to grow through multiple sleep away camps, learning to drive, and eventually going off to different schools. 19 years of friendship and counting, Brittney has been Jaime's BFF for as long as she can remember


Brittanie & Jaime met in the spring of 1999 when their parents began dating. With their 9 year age gap, Brittanie quickly became a role model and a living barbie doll that Jaime had always hoped for. Over the years, Jaime grew up learning from Brittanie and taking on a new role as Aunt to Brittanie's two kids, Gabe & Brighton. These two sisters continue to bond over all things pop culture and Bachelor related.


Shelby & Jaime have been friends since the day Jaime was born. Though very different personailities, they grew up with similiar interests in horseback riding, gymnastics, and sneaking out of the house. Luckily for all involved, their sisterhood and friendship withstood those rough teen years and they're still as close as can be. Texting daily to discuss dog toys, caring for their plants, and to argue their ancestry.


Sydney & Jaime met during their years at UVA Wise, in the AST sorority. Though Sydney didn't come to Wise until her Junior year, she quickly proved that she could dish out sarcasm as fast as it was received. Jaime & Sydney bonded over weird experiences from Sydney pledging in overalls to Jaime's haunted house and even Jaime dragging Sydney into the absolute worst blind date of anyone's life. Though they've lived hours apart since graduation, they've remained close with daily texting and quarterly girls weekends.



Rush and Doug met at Virginia Tech their freshmen year as residents of the same dorm hall. As business students, they shared many classes together, and after recognizing each other's intellect, they quickly became study buddies (using Monster energy drinks to keep their mental focus thriving). Rush and Doug started their post-college lives together in the DC area, through 3 different apartments over 4 years.


Daniel is Doug's older brother and oldest friend. Just two years apart, the two were very close growing up, and not only lived together, but worked the same jobs, competed in the same sports, went to the same college, and ultimately chose the same career industry. It could be said that they did all of these things because they had similar interests, but it's more likely their competitive spirit against each other that brought the two of them to similar successful places.


Dean and Doug also met their freshmen year at Virginia Tech as residents of the same dorm hall. Doug was resistant to Dean's charm at first, but after taking some time to get to know each other over "You Got Served" (the best drinking game known to man) and earning ridiculous tanktop tans during long days of volleyball, they learned they had a lot of similar interests and became close friends. Dean and Doug lived together for 2 years at VT.


Homayoun and Doug's bro-mance begun as they worked side by side on technology contracts for Deloitte, but it was their mutual affinity for eating large quantities of food and working out excessively that brought them to be close friends. The two have worked together for 6 years and live just blocks apart in Arlington, VA. If you see the two of them talking, it's most likely about their current body weight or a recent meal.

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